Artist Statement for Beatriz Olson

 I came from Cuba to America as a refugee in 1970. As a new teenager in America, painting became my escape from the feeling of not belonging. Later, as a physician and mother, I have used art as a way to remember places, educate patients, share the joy of creating with my daughters, process life, grief and loss.


While I lack a "formal" art degree, over time I have grown as an artist by showing up where I could to learn from other artists, and  display my work to get feedback from others.  For me art is life giving. As a physician, I study, listen, observe, and ultimately act to heal my patient's complaint. My canvas is a place of healing and acceptance of what is.  I focus on capturing the tenderness, resilience, humor, and peace or angst of the humanity we share. I want my art and medical work to heal to others.


The Havana, Cuba 2017 series documents the devastating decay of a once beautiful city, the resilience and resourcefulness of its people, and the farce of communist rhetoric and resulting moral damage.


The 2018 body of work is a meditation on the Mother-Child bond. I shared this art as a Pecha Kucha performance at The District, New Haven in 2018.

My 2019 works show a more spiritual side using just color and forms to express emotion effectively so we and our cells age better. This art was shared as a Pecha Kucha performance at the Long Wharf Theater in 2019. Original pieces don't include the words added in this gallery for purpose of expressing ideas.


Recent 2020 works are responses to personal and public experience of illness, politics, and loneliness. Covid-19 necessary isolation forced me to embrace discipled distancing with my quilt like series, and gave me courage to make portraits of people that inspire me and I love. 

I continue to be grateful to ArtSpace New Haven for giving me opportunities that allow me to continue to grow as an artist. I am also indebted to my dear husband Eric who encourages me unconditionally.

Staying Younger While Growing Older
Oct 23, 2019, 7PM
doors open at 6:00pm
Older but Younger.  Pechu Kucha New Haven
Long Wharf Theater, 222 Sargent Drive,  New Haven CT,
I will use my 2019 art and photos as a medium
to discuss how we can slow down cellular aging with our actions and beliefs 
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