Artist Statement for Beatriz Olson

 I am a Cuban refugee. My family's immigration process took years. I am so grateful for being now an American citizen, for my education and freedom. As a new teenager in America, painting was my escape from the feeling of otherness and not belonging. Now my abstract and figurative paintings and books create healing and inspiration others. This complements my work as a physician. I want my art and medical work to help, heal, and give hope to others.     

   The Havana, Cuba 2017 mixed media series documents the devastating decay of a once beautiful city, the resilience and resourcefulness of its people, and the farce of communist rhetoric and resulting moral damage.


The 2018 works are a meditation on the Mother-Child Bond and The Immigrant's Journey. These works were also performed as a Pecha Kucha at The District in New Haven, CT. A book is available on this.

My 2019 works aim to effectively teach how we and our cells can stay younger as we age. This art was shared as a Pecha Kucha performance at the Long Wharf Theater. A book is available on this.


2020 works are responses to the Covid 19 Pandemic and exposed inequities, emotions I had, and of the scenes and people that moved me. 

I am indebted to ArtSpace in New Haven for the opportunities to grow as an artist. I thank Eric for his unconditional love, photographic skills and transportation my work.

Next Art Show
Who Rules: Pandemic Series
Oct 1-30, 2020, 
Virtual Gallery
City Wide Open Studios New Haven, CT
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